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pretty young blonde woman wearing anybody but... t-shirt


"I recently purchased an "anti" t-shirt from your store. I love it! Everytime I wear it people want to know where I got it. They love it, too. Thanks. Keep the funny designs coming."
~ Scott B in PA

"I bought a black t-shirt from you recently and was a little nervous since I heard dark t-shirts were hard to print on. Well, whatever you're doing, you're doing it right. The white print was snow white and crisp and wasn't stiff or bulky, either, it was like part of the shirt, and the t-shirt itself was nice quality, too. I'm really pleased, and will be back for more."
~ Karen in KS

"My only complaint with your shop so far is all the cool sayings. So many are perfect for me or my girlfriend. I get a kick just coming back to read them, but of course I always end up finding and buying another that's just right for one of us, or someone else I know."
~ Chris L in MA

"I had a really hard time trying to decide if "I have issues" or "You have issues" was the right shirt to wear. It depends on how the person reading the shirt interprets it I guess. Well, anyway, I got both, and every time I wear one I get comments like "I love your shirt". Thanks for the fun shirts."
~ Kristi

"Thanks for the custom t-shirt! I couldn't believe someone would actually take my suggestion and make a t-shirt for me at NO extra cost. Wow. Great service. And I do mean great service, from suggestion to my door in less than two weeks."
~ Jenn W

"I live in t-shirts, and until I found your online shop I thought I had seen about everything, and most of the stuff was the same thing over and over. So, I just want to say Thank You! for coming up with some new, funny designs. I now have a new supply of shirts to keep my going for a long time. Please keep it coming."
~ Nathan B in CA

"I'm blonde, and yes, I have brains (I'm a paralegal). I don't get all wrapped up in the "dumb blonde" stuff. I can take it. Anyway, what I wanted to say is your sayings are so fun, and different than all the same old dumb blonde jokes, it's refreshing, even for a blonde. I've even turned some of my brunette friends on to your shirts, too. :-)"
~ Crystal B in IL