Air Supply Fittings

Air Supply Fittings

Brass Fittings

New Way®Air Bearings offers a variety of air supply fittings in many styles to suit your application. These brass fittings are specially designed for ourPorous Media Technologyand will easily integrate into your current manufacturing process.

Fittings come in an array of orientations and shapes to fit any arrangement. Check out our selection below andcontact our customer service techniciansto learn more about your options.

  • Durable brass
  • Fits multiple air bearings
  • Threadless connections
  • Multiple sizes
  • Variety of orientations
  • Easy to install
  • Quick disconnect


Our air supply fittings come in a variety of orientations and sizes which means they’ll fit in any situation.

Tight Spaces
  • Right angle fittings come in nine different sizes to fit constrained areas
  • Overall heights range from ¼” to 1” to fit any space
  • T Style fittings come in nine different sizes
  • Can connect multiple bearings on a single air line
Quick Disconnect
  • No barb so simply push the tubing to connect and disconnect from the fitting
  • Threadless fittings just slide into the bearing for easy switching out of parts

Air Supply Fittings Product Line

New Way offers an array of brass fitting styles which enable you the maximum flexibility when you’re ready to plumb your air bearings to your supply of clean, dry air.

Air Fittings Quick Disconnect
Quick Disconnect Fitting
Air Fittings Quick Disconnect

Air Fittings Threadless Connection
air fittings threadless connection
Air Fittings Threadless Connection

Air Fittings T Style
air fittings t style
Air Fittings T Style

Air Fittings Right Angle Connection
air fittings right angle
Air Fittings Right Angle Connection

Air Fittings Straight
air fittings straight
Air Fittings Straight


If you’re not sure which air supply fittings would work best with your application or you have other questions, reach out to us today andyabo2020官方网站 your process.

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